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By Advanced Dental Care
October 05, 2015
Category: Dental Implants
Tags: Veneers  

Dr. Arash Aflatooni is a popular cosmetic dentist who has been practicing in the Seattle area for over a decade. One of the most requested cosmetic treatments offered at his Mill Creek, WA office is porcelain veneers. Thanks to veneers, your dentist can give worn, Veneersdamaged or discolored teeth a makeover in just a couple of appointments. Learn about porcelain veneers and how they can give you a fresh, renewed, beautiful smile.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?
When high-profile celebrities and stars request what is called a "Hollywood smile," it almost always involves porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin, wafer-like coverings that are designed to fit over the front surface of your teeth. Though they are about as thin as a fingernail, they are actually very durable and resilient. 

How Do Veneers Refresh Your Smile?
Veneers refresh your smile by covering up the imperfections on your existing teeth. People who have intrinsic staining, which cannot be whitened away, can get the white teeth they want. Those with poorly shaped teeth or chipped and cracked teeth are great candidates as well. Since veneers are made of a high-quality porcelain material, they look smooth, pearly white, and very attractive when you smile. Your Mill Creek, WA dentist will find the perfect shade to brighten up your smile and make it look brand new.

What to Expect at Your First Veneers Appointment
At your first appointment, the dentist will examine your X-rays to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough to support veneers. Dental therapies are available to help strengthen and reinforce bone tissue if necessary. Your dentist will also evaluate the shape and position of your existing teeth to determine which ones would benefit from porcelain veneers. You can expect to have your finished veneers in about two relatively short appointments (depending on the number of veneers required).

Consult a Cosmetic Dentist Today
Having a brighter more attractive smile is easier than you may think. Call Advanced Dental Care in Mill Creek, WA today at (425) 482-2322 to make an appointment with Dr. Arash Aflatooni.

By Advanced Dental Care
July 20, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Root Canals  

For many people, there is nothing worse than tooth pain. From mild to severe pain, it can have an immediate effect on quality of life. Eating, drinking or even just breathing can result in discomfort. So, how can this situation be remedied? Often, when a tooth is causing Root Canal pain, the only way to save the natural tooth and cure the pain is with a root canal.

What causes tooth pain?
Tooth pain is often attributed to an inflammation of the pulp inside of the tooth, which contains many nerve endings that are highly sensitive to pain. This inflammation can be caused by cavities, trauma to the tooth or an infection. Acute and severe pain can also be triggered when decay comes very close to or actually enters into the nerve of the tooth.

What is a root canal and how does it relieve pain? 
When decay comes into contact with the root of a tooth, root canals are performed to remove the pulp and nerve, and to clean the canals of any bacteria or infection inside of them. There are many advantages to root canals compared to extraction. Root canals save the natural tooth, keeping chewing and speaking the same as before the infection, and also retain the natural appearance of the tooth. Extractions, while effectively the same as a root canal as they end the pain caused by the tooth, actually remove the tooth and leave a hole in its place, resulting in not only a missing tooth but potential problems chewing or speaking.

How can tooth pain be prevented?
Catching a cavity early or fixing a broken tooth when they happen can be the deciding factor between a dull ache or even no pain at all and waking up one morning in a state of emergency. Regular dental checkups determine what the patient’s general oral health is and if any cavities or decay that cannot be seen with the naked eye need to be treated. Regular brushing and flossing can also serve to knock plaque off of the tooth and brush away bacteria, making it harder for cavity-causing decay to form.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or would like to schedule a regular dental examination, Arash Aflatooni, DDS and the team at Advanced Dental Care in Mill Creek, WA can help. They are dedicated to delivering the most competent, modern care for their patients in a professional and comfortable setting. Visit to make an appointment today.

By Advanced Dental Care
May 15, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Night Guards   Mouth Guards  

Night GuardsAre you one of the many Mill Creek, WA residents who grind their teeth at night? Teeth grinding is an incredibly common problem that dentists see all the time, and many people honestly don't even know that they're doing it.

While teeth grinding might not be immediately problematic, it can cause a great number of problems down the road if allowed to persist. Persistent teeth grinding can lead to pain, sensitivity, broken or cracked teeth, receding gums and even tooth loss. It can even cause problems outside of the mouth, including migraines and neck, shoulder or back pain.

If left untreated long enough, to the point where teeth begin to wear or break down, teeth grinding can also cause additional visits to a Mill Creek, WA dentist, such as Arash Aflatooni, DDS, for treatment. Common treatments include crowns, bridges, implants and veneers.

Thankfully, there is a safe and effective way to curb teeth grinding and to prevent all of these treatments and side effects before they happen: night guards. Night guards are mouth guards that are worn on the teeth during the night to prevent grinding. They are similar to mouth guards worn in sports, but intended to prevent grinding, not tooth loss.

Night guards work by providing a barrier in between the teeth. This way, when people grind their teeth at night, their teeth do not rub against each other and cause problems. The teeth are allowed to rub inside the night guards instead, where they won't do any damage.

Night guards may not be very attractive or particularly comfortable, but then again, neither is needing extensive dental work to repair a damaged smile. The next time you meet with your dentist, Dr. Aflatooni in Mill Creek, WA, ask if there are any signs of excessive wear due to teeth grinding. Dr. Aflatooni can let you know if a mouth guard may be a good solution for you.

By Advanced Dental Care
March 20, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Dental Implants  

Dental implants have become very popular over the past couple of decades and for good reason. These prosthetic teeth present a great treatment option for individuals who want to replace one or more teeth. Implants have proven to be healthy and natural-Dental Implants looking, and patients and dentist alike praise the solid foundation these prosthetics give for eating and speaking. Screwed directly into the jawbone, dental implants are well accepted by the body and, with proper hygiene and routine dental care, can last for decades. Research shows that up to 98 percent of dental implant procedures are successful.

Even though dental implants have a great reputation, some individuals hesitate about undertaking the procedure. Why is that? It may be a lack of information or just listening to some unfounded myths regarding implants. What are these myths, and what is the reality behind dental implants?

The myth of "I'm too old for implants."

The truth is that age is not a factor in placing dental implants. If your oral and overall health is good, your dentist can place an implant. While the jawbone does recede in the 12 months after tooth extraction or loss, simple bone grafting procedures can build up bone sufficiently to provide the foundation for a metal implant fixture or screw.

The myth of " Dental implant pain and after care is more than I can manage."

Truthfully, your gum tissue will be somewhat sore after surgical placement of a dental implant. However, when local anesthesia wears off, most dentists and patients find that simple Tylenol and Ibuprofen is more than sufficient to control the discomfort. Narcotics are not necessary, and the mild pain is gone within a few days.

Regarding caring for the implant, routine dental hygiene does the trick. Individuals brush their implants twice a day and floss daily as they do their natural teeth. Dental check-ups and cleanings are at usual intervals--twice yearly, or as the dentist and hygienist may recommend.

The myth of "I can't afford dental implants."

Many patients find that they can't afford NOT to receive implants. While initially, permanent bridgework may cost less, that restoration lasts about 10 years and then must be redone, incurring another dental bill. On the other hand, implants last for decades and usually do not have to be replaced. Over time, then, implants cost less. In addition, dentists offer payment plans to help spread out the cost, and some dental insurances defray the expense as well.

Advanced Dental Care

In the Mill Creek, Washington area, Arash Aflatooni DDS is highly trained in the science of dental implants. As an Accredited Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), "Dr. A" can evaluate your oral health and determine how implants may help you achieve your best smile. Call his friendly staff for an appointment: 425-482-2322.

By Advanced Dental Care
January 26, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Night Guards  

Find out whether it might be time to consider wearing a night guard.

Are you a chronic grinder or clencher? If so, you could be causing some excessive wear and tear on your teeth, which could increase your chances of severe damage in the future. If you want to preserve the integrity of your teeth then it might be time to consider talking to your Mill Creek, WA dentist about getting a night guard.

What is a night guard?

A night guard is a plastic oral appliance that goes over both the upper and lower teeth to correct your bite and prevent wear and tear on your teeth due to clenching or grinding at night.

Why should I get a night guard from my Mill Creek, WA dentist?

While you can find night guards in your local drug store, the main difference between these and the ones you get from your Mill Creek dentist is that the ones in the drug store are not custom-fitted to your smile. “Why is that important?” you might ask.

Think about it: if the night guard doesn’t fit your teeth properly, how can it effectively do its job? Even the night guards that you can boil and mold might give you a better fit than the stock night guards; however, if you really want to protect your teeth you’ll want to see your dentist about custom night guards, which are significantly less bulky and unattractive.

How do I get custom night guards?

When you come in for a night guard we will first take impressions of your teeth. Depending on how you grind your teeth, you may only need a night guard that fits on the front teeth. Once we take these impressions we will send them to a lab to have your night guard custom fabricated.

Would a night guard help me?

If you have been diagnosed as a nighttime teeth grinder or clencher, then it’s time to do something about it. A night guard is really the best and most effective treatment option to prevent significant wear on your smile. Talk to your Mill Creek dentist about whether a night guard would be right for you.

If you think a night guard could help with your teeth grinding or clenching, then call Dr. Arash Aflatooni at Advanced Dental Care. Our night guards will help protect your gorgeous smile for years to come.

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