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By Advanced Dental Care
July 20, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Root Canals  

For many people, there is nothing worse than tooth pain. From mild to severe pain, it can have an immediate effect on quality of life. Eating, drinking or even just breathing can result in discomfort. So, how can this situation be remedied? Often, when a tooth is causing Root Canal pain, the only way to save the natural tooth and cure the pain is with a root canal.

What causes tooth pain?
Tooth pain is often attributed to an inflammation of the pulp inside of the tooth, which contains many nerve endings that are highly sensitive to pain. This inflammation can be caused by cavities, trauma to the tooth or an infection. Acute and severe pain can also be triggered when decay comes very close to or actually enters into the nerve of the tooth.

What is a root canal and how does it relieve pain? 
When decay comes into contact with the root of a tooth, root canals are performed to remove the pulp and nerve, and to clean the canals of any bacteria or infection inside of them. There are many advantages to root canals compared to extraction. Root canals save the natural tooth, keeping chewing and speaking the same as before the infection, and also retain the natural appearance of the tooth. Extractions, while effectively the same as a root canal as they end the pain caused by the tooth, actually remove the tooth and leave a hole in its place, resulting in not only a missing tooth but potential problems chewing or speaking.

How can tooth pain be prevented?
Catching a cavity early or fixing a broken tooth when they happen can be the deciding factor between a dull ache or even no pain at all and waking up one morning in a state of emergency. Regular dental checkups determine what the patient’s general oral health is and if any cavities or decay that cannot be seen with the naked eye need to be treated. Regular brushing and flossing can also serve to knock plaque off of the tooth and brush away bacteria, making it harder for cavity-causing decay to form.

If you are experiencing tooth pain or would like to schedule a regular dental examination, Arash Aflatooni, DDS and the team at Advanced Dental Care in Mill Creek, WA can help. They are dedicated to delivering the most competent, modern care for their patients in a professional and comfortable setting. Visit to make an appointment today.

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